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Partial invalidation


Allow partial invalidation of the plots.
E.g. update only the visible elements of an annotation, axis or series.

The partial invalidation should not be used when the whole model needs to be updated (e.g. when scaling of axes change). The application should be responsible for detecting this...



cfeltch537 wrote Feb 12, 2015 at 11:22 PM

Has there been any work done towards this feature? I'm attempting to get OxyPlot to works as a robotics mapping solution, but i need to constantly display a bitmap, which updates around 20-30 Hz. Currently I am using an annotation to hold the bitmap, and the software works very well, with the exception of updating the background annotation, which is too laggy . If there were an object 'BackgroundAnnotation' that could be optimized to render quickly, it would be a great feature. Great product otherwise.